Common FAQ's:

1) How long does it take to fix my logic board repairs once you receive it?

On the average logic board repair considering everything goes well and there's no other repairs required it will take us approx. 5-7 business days to complete your motherboard repair.

2) What if there are more repairs required besides the logic board repair to get my laptop back in working order?

You will be notified first if you have more than one repair and the repair estimate will be re-adjusted if you choose to complete the entire repair on your laptop. We will not proceed further until we get your permission and approval on additional repairs.

3) Will I be charged for any work done on my laptop if you cannot repair my laptop or notebook or I cannot afford to pay for the additional work?

Yes we do. If for any reason that we cannot fix your notebook the only fees we expect to get reimbursed for is for the shipping fee that it cost us to ship your logic board repair to our associates and sending it back to you. Please take note that on most Apple or MacBook logic board repairs our successful rate is 90%-95% on water damage logic board repairs so chances are your logic board repair will be successful. Please see fees below "if" your notebook repair is being sent back to you un-repaired due to customers refusal or additional work required and customer refuses additional repairs.

1 - Shipping to our associates and return shipping to you: $40.00 (It may be a little more depending where it is being sent)
2 - Diagnostic & Assessment Fee that is billed to us from our Associates for their time: $50.00 (Only applies if customer refuses additional work and bails out of repair completely. If you just sent in your logic board for repair with no additional parts and it gets repaired then this charge will not be applied to the bill. You would just pay for the logic board repair and return shipping fee. In most cases we TRY our best to include the return shipping fee with your repair price to avoid any complications! Call us if you are still unsure of this policy.

4) What is the average shipping rate for a laptop being sent to you throughout other provinces in Canada?

The average cost to send out a 15.6 notebook MacBook Pro or 13.3 MacBook Pro is approx. $20.00-$25.00 "One Way" depending on location and ofcourse return shipping would be the same. Please make sure to use bubble wrap when packaging fragile components and make sure Canada Post is aware that you are shipping a fragile and sensitive laptop.

5) Do you repair broken LCD or cracked LCD glass and LCD screens for MacBook Pro models?

Yes we do. All LCD glass and LCD screens are sold at cost and the only fee you will have to pay is just the installation and shipping fees which will still be much cheaper than having an authorize Apple dealer charge you $700+ dollars to fix the same problem.

6)  Where can I look to identify and get the correct MacBook or Apple model number for my laptop to get the proper estimate? Click here

7) What are the most common problems that some MacBook or Apple repairs are not completed when being repaired or serviced?

Additional work or problems arises when water damage occurs on logic board such as for keyboard replacement, D/C Jack, CPU or Processor, Memory Modules, Retina Display and other that may cause the repair rate to increase and you cannot proceed because the repair is too high. In most cases your logic board can be repaired but what good is it when the rest of the components that are required to get the system to work requires replacement?

8) Should I try to power up my MacBook if I had just spilled water on the keyboard or other areas?

IMPORTANT NOTICE: It is VERY IMPORTANT that you DO NOT power up your laptop when encountering water spillage issues. This will potentially cause more damage to your MacBook notebook, cause a short on internal components and increase your cost of repairs!

The BEST thing to do is grab a few pieces of paper towel and put it between your keyboard and LCD screen display, flip it upside down so the water will drip towards the keyboard as oppose to dripping towards the logic board. It's much cheaper to replace a damage keyboard rather than a logic board. If you have a box that can hold your MacBook or Apple notebook then try laying it upside down as suggested above and poor rice under and over the notebook until you have time to ship it to us. This technique helps pull away moisture from your notebook components.

9) I sent or received an item within Canada that arrived damaged. What can I do?

Please click on this link to view your options.

10) What method of payment do you accept?

We only accept payment through "Interac/Email Money Transfer" & Paypal. Due to Paypal charging us a 10% rate of interest on collecting your proceeds we have to charge 10% extra on top of your payment if you choose Paypal as a payment option. We recommend you use "Email Money Transfer" as the primary payment source as there are no complications on both ends and very easy to use!

How do I use or setup Interac Money Transfer? Click here

11) My laptop has exactly the same problem after it was fixed and it's been less than 30 days of repair, do I have to pay to have it fixed again?

No you don't! The only fees you have to cover is your shipping fee to us, the return shipping fee and the fee it will cost us to ship to our main repair location as it's in a different city.

12) I don't see my question here?

Give us a call at 613-294-5374 and we will clarify any unanswered question for you! Contact us information and more!

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